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All CAD Drawing Set

New South Classics home plan sets are priced based on the square footage of the house and the number of sets of plans ordered. Square footage is calculated by measuring from the outside face of the exterior wood framed walls. Stairs are counted once with the first floor. Before ordering, check with your builder to determine the number of sets to order (or to determine if a reproducible set is desired). Available plans are for traditional stick framing and construction techniques. Plans for advanced construction techniques involving insulated concrete forms (ICF), steel and timber framing and the use of structural insulated panels (SIPS) may be available as an additional service above and beyond the standard plan price.


Construction Document Sets

Our construction documents include the drawings typically needed for construction with the exception of site specific information, plumbing and heating and cooling requirements. Each plan set is intended to meet the 2006 International Residential Code. Regional variations of code requirements will need to be the responsibility of your builder. We are not responsible for complying with local building departments' requirements for plan submission. We suggest that you contact the building official in your area for specific plan, code and site requirements and consult with your builder to ensure the community, local, state and national requirements are met.



Plan Review

New South Classics, LLC house plans are not stamped by an architect or engineer, due to variations in local building code, licensure and approval agency requirements. A licensed architect and, or, structural engineer in your state or community may be required to review the footing, foundation and framing plans and provide a stamped, sealed set of drawings.


Your builder will help you in complying with local codes. Your builder will be responsible for ensuring structural integrity and water tightness.


Please see additional terms and conditions under "Copyright/Terms and Conditions" on this web site by clicking on the Copyright symbol at the bottom of any page.

Typical Plan Sets

  • Cover sheet
  • Building Notes and Specifications (to be used as guides only. Your builder will make substitutions to meet local building codes and your personal preferences)
  • Window and door schedule and notes
  • Floor plans with notes and dimensions
  • Exterior front, rear and side elevations
  • Building sections (as needed)
  • Details
  • Foundation plan and footing details (not specific to site or local)
  • Floor framing plans
  • Roof plan and eave details
  • Interior wall elevations (as needed)
  • Basic electrical plans (lights, electrical outlets, switches, ceiling fans, etc.)


Note: Some plans may be back-ordered or in production for modifications, improvements and quality control purposes. If so, you will be notified and every attempt will be made to expedite your order to meet your schedule requirements.





Typical New South Classics 24" x 36" Plan Set


By ordering a plan through this web site, you have acknowledged that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above and in our posted copyright disclosures on this site.







Our house plans are copyrighted and the intellectual property of New South Classics, LLC.  It is illegal to copy house plans to avoid having to pay for the plans, even if modifications are made to the copied plans.  It is also illegal to copy an existing home plan that is protected by copyright even if one has never seen the plans for the home.  If a particular plan or an existing house is desired, a set of plans must be purchased from New South Classics, LLC.  Use of planning sets to modify or build from is illegal and may be used for planning purposes only. Willful infringement could result in settlements for statutory damages plus attorney's fees, punitive damages and loss of profits




Mail Service and Handling

Free Ground Shipping




Regular U.S. mail and ground delivery service within the United States by Fed-X or UPS: (no charge)


Shipping and handling for the following will be additional and added to the price of plans:


Overnight: (As per carrier's current rate)

International: (As per carrier's current rate)

Plan Pricing Guide


 Up to 2,999 sq ft

 3,000-3,999 sq ft

   4,000 sq ft and larger   


  Printed plans              

  (5 sets)








  Printed plans   

  (8 sets)    








  Reverse plans                    


  Additional $275


  Additional $275



      Additional $275



  Reproducible plans

  (1 printed set ) or

  Digital PDF format  **









*Prices are subject to change without notice 

**PDF Format on CD includes 1 complimentary reduced (1/8") plan set.

*** Detached two car garage $685.00

       Detached three car garage $785.00

       Detached four car garage $ 895.00


Plan orders:


For inquiries and information, please email Cost of purchase is for one-time only use per Copyright.

Less than door knobs

Concerned aboout cost? 


Think about it.......Our plans to build your dream home will probably cost less than you'll spend on door knobs! 


Compare!......A comparable set of plans designed as a "custom" home design could cost anywhere from 8%-14% (or more) of the total construction cost and take many months of design time. There are situations where this is necessary and well worth the expense, but it may not be necessary if you can find a plan, right here, that simply needs "tweaking" to be exactly what you want. Then you have more money to put towards better finishes, furnishings and fixtures.


Our plans are a wise investment in good design.  Where else will you find houses like these at this cost?



Payment Options:

Payment by Check

Send us a check: 


Plan sets will be mailed upon receipt of payment.  Payment can be by check made payable to New South Classics, LLC and mailed to:


New South Classics, LLC

2 Elmley Court

Greenville, South Carolina, 29607




Pay With Credit Card:

Payment by Credit Card

Pay by credit card:


We now accept payment by credit card on PayPal!


Once you submit your online order form, we invoice you and you make the payment securely online from a link on our invoice using your credit card. When your payment is confirmed, we will ship your plans with no shipping charge.

Sorry, we do not accept payment made with e-checks.

Construction Documents:


Our plans are available in sets of five (5) or eight (8) at prices noted above.  Your builder may be able to tell you how many will be needed for distribution to sub-contractors, building officials, review agancies, and others. 

Now, Reproducible Sets Available in PDF Format on CD or we can E-mail them directly to you!

Reproducible Sets:


You may choose to get a reproducible set so you can make as many sets of plans as you wish for YOUR building project. 


NEW!.........Our reproducible sets are now also available in PDF format on CD or E-mailed to you for your convenience in lieu of the printed sets of 5 and 8 for an additional cost as noted in the Plan Pricing Guide above.  This will allow you to make as many full size (1/4") sets or half size (1/8") sets of plans as you or your contractor need. 


A complimentary half size (1/8") set of plans comes with each CD set purchased.  This will allow you to see what is included on the CD and have a set for your personal use. 



How To Modify A Plan:

We Can Modify Your Plans



We no longer make modifications to our plans as purchasers have found that they often prefer to receive the full, large scale plan set to review everything in detail, decide what they want to change, and work with their contractor to make changes by red-lining our plans and, or, on site during the building process. 

We can provide paper or PDF plans but do not provide CAD files.

Note:  We are not contractors and can not provide construction cost estimates. Ask your builder to do that.



Artist'a Renderings

Want a copy of the ARTIST'S RENDERING of the house you choose?


Depending on which house plan you want, (not all plans have color renderings) you can purchase either color or black and white renderings in printed or digital file format.  These are great for framing or for printing on personalized note cards.   Mount one in your home or office as a reminder of your new home!  Here's what to add to the plan price:


  • Color (when available): $125.00
  • Black and White: $75.00

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  • Please be sure that you have completed your order form
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  • Let us know if you have any modifications you would like us to make to the plans



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Now, get ready to have fun building your own New South Classic!

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